The Artist

L.Christeseva is a Belarus-born, Sweden-based artist and curator. She received a masters degree in art in Vitebsk (Belarus), known as a hotspot for the period in the art history shaped by some of the most revolutionary minds of the Russian avant-garde, including Vassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Ivan Pouni, Kazimir Malevich, and Marc Chagall.  Their legacies became the launching pad for L. Christeseva´s professional career. After graduating from the Vitebsk State Technological University in 2001, L. Christeseva moved to Sweden, where she joined the creative team of the Swedish couturier Lars Wallin, which inspired her to create at the juncture between art and fashion. She also holds degrees from Stockholm University and The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack).

L.Christeseva participates in and develops various art projects and cultural events both in Sweden and worldwide. Her artistic research focuses on gender identity and questions relating to representation across cultures. L. Christeseva works in various media such as painting, illustration, photography, sculpture, public art, artist authored books, and art installation. L. Christeseva’s institutional exhibitions include “War´s unwomanly face” at the Museum of Army in Stockholm (2016) and in the US Ambassador’s residence in the Diplomatic area of the Swedish capital (2016); Sustainidentity” at the National Historical Museum of Belarus (2016); “The toiles” at the Stockholm Costume & Fashion institute (2017) and at the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm (2017-2018). The series of sculptures by L. Christeseva became a unique scenography for the performance of Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (USA) in Stockholm in 2016.

L.Christeseva is an art director and executive producer for the international exhibition “Ingmar Bergman and his legacy in fashion and art”, which was shown in more than 60 countries around the world during 2018. On July 14, 2018, L. Christeseva was invited to show her installation with the toiles in the context of the harsh and unique nature of Fårö as part of the worldwide celebration of Ingmar Bergman’s 100-year jubilee.

In 2019, given an empowering heritage of pride, momentum and purpose that honors the example of women’s suffrage set 100 years ago, L. Christeseva organized a fashion show on Stockholm’s streets bringing together a select number of Stockholm locals to participate and thereby support women who are on the way towards their creative dreams—facing both challenges and successes. One of the models was Christina Johannesson, the Swedish ambassador to Belarus.

In 2020, L. Christeseva launching a supportive series of performances “Fashion speaks for Belarus” in dialogue with another Belarusian artist, based in Stockholm, Edvard Tarletski / Madame Zju Zju in order to support the democratic movement in Belarus.

L. Christeseva also provides a unique opportunity to young artists to share their artistic research and develop their talents. For that she organizes exhibitions and public events in her atelier Artten.


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